Because Tomorrow is Not Promised and Peace of Mind is Priceless

About PamanA

Pamana is the Tagalog word for heritage, it stands for a legacy of honor, pride and courage. It is about character and heritage, because what a person leaves behind is as important as how they leave it. Pamana is a funeral expense benefit plan with the expressed purpose of paying for all aspects of a participant’s memorial service.

Benefits of Funeral Planning

Pre-planning your memorial service provides your family and friends with clear directives about your wishes. When you pass, if you have not established a funeral plan, and your desires for your memorial service are unknown then your family members will be burdened with making difficult decisions during a challenging time.

Benefits of Having a Will

Having a Will could be one of the most important and responsible duties you can do for yourself and your family. A Will can legally protect your spouse, children, and assets by spelling out your wishes exactly how you would like them after you have passed on.