Don’t put off creating your will. Ensure that your family is protected! Let your children be with the guardian you choose, not who the Court decides!

A Will lets you name the guardians you know would be best for them. You’ve worked hard for your life, your house, your things. A Trust lets you decide how you want these things distributed without your family having to pay costly probate and attorney fees. Don’t let all that hard work go to the wrong person, tied up in court, or even the Government!

AtWillUSA Wills and Trusts offers comprehensive estate planning document preparation services that reflect your individual needs.

  • Will Service Only $200 | Trust Packages Worth $3,500 Includes:

    • Will
    • Trust
    • Power of Attorney
    • Healthcare Directive

    *Trust Rate Includes Attorney and Service Fees

  • Why Have a Last Will & Testament or Trust?

    • Make your wishes known to your loved ones
    • Choose a person to settle your affairs on your behalf
    • Decide who will receive your assets and when
    • Appoint a guardian for your children
    • With a Trust avoid probate costs and delays
    • Healthcare Directive is part of Trust package
    • Trusts are not public record

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Reasons for not having a will include procrastination and the unwillingness to accept death as part of life. Sometimes the realization that Wills are necessary comes too late – such as when an unexpected death occurs. To avoid the added stress on families during an already emotional time, it may be wise to meet with a Pamana Will-planning expert to help you draw up a basic Will at the minimum price, before it’s too late.