Pamana is a Funeral Expense Benefit Plan

Pamana Funeral Expense Benefit Is Designed With the Expressed Purpose of Paying for All Aspects of a Participant’s Memorial Service. Pamana’s Funeral Expense Benefits Plan Covers the Funeral and Memorial Service Expenses from the Funeral Home and Cemetery to the Mortuary Transportation Company, and Any Other Funeral-Related Expenses, to Memorialize a Participant’s Heritage and Legacy.

What are the Benefits of Planning a Funeral in Advance?

Pre-planning your memorial service provides your family and friends with clear directives about your wishes. When you pass, if you have not established a funeral plan, and your desires for your memorial service are unknown then your family members will be burdened with making difficult decisions during a challenging time.

  • Does your family know your wishes for your memorial service?
  • Will your family know whether you wished to be buried or cremated?
  • Will they agree on an open or shut casket?
  • How will they commemorate your gravestone?
  • Will your family agree on upon how much to spend on your funeral?

Overwhelming emotions of confusion and disputes are regular occurrences when there are no funeral arrangements guiding decisions. Pre-planning your memorial service makes the difficult decisions, so they don’t have to.  A funeral plan tells your family if you want to be buried or cremated. It tells your family if you want an open or shut coffin. It tells them how to commemorate your gravestone, and it tells them money much to spend on your funeral. Pre-Planning gives clear directives, according to your wishes.

Purchasing a funeral expense plan is financially responsible because on average a modest funeral costs well over $10,000.00.

Dying without a plan forces your family to figure how much funerals cost, and it forces them to find ways to pay for the funeral.

Planning for funeral expenses in advance empowers you and your family to make money related game plans. Having a prepaid funeral via a funeral expense plan like Pamana ensures that surviving family and friends will not be burdened financially. It provides them with peace of mind, so your family can focus their energy on remembering you, and recuperating from their grief and their loss.

Planning your funeral arrangements in advance allows you to put your unique signature on it. Planning allows you to do it your way. A memorial service is an important occasion for a grieving family. Mentally, it gives a feeling of conclusion and empowers the family to start the recuperating process.  Pre-planning your funeral honors the lives of your family and friends, because it is hard to make the memorial service the best it can be without a plan. It is hard to make the memorial the best it can be when rushing to plan it in a short amount of time.

Your funeral plan conveys your preferences to your family and friends. It tells your family if you prefer burial or cremation. Your funeral plan conveys your desires for the commemoration of your gravestone. It tells your family what music and readings you wish to have at your memorial service. it even conveys if you do not want a funeral ceremony. Whatever your desires, they should be communicated in your funeral plan.

Having a funeral expense plan like Pamana that pays for all aspects of your funeral is a thoughtful and caring thing to do for your family. Preplanning your funeral according to your wishes will give you comfort and a piece of mind because you will know that you have done everything within your power to ease their burden. You can guarantee that your family will appreciate that you cared for them and will continue to care for them after you are gone.


The average expense for a funeral is anywhere from $8,500 to $10,000. That is not an amount of funds that most people have laying around.

With Pamana's Funeral Expense Benefit Plan

What does these funeral expenses include?

  • Funeral Directors Fees

  • Embalming

  • Funeral Ceremony or Memorial Service & Viewing

  • The Hearse

  • Death Certificates

  • Obituary Posting

  • Casket and Vault

  • Cemetery Costs

  • Grave Space

  • Grave marker

  • Opening and Closing the Grave

  • Urn

Prices can go up or down by:

  • Cremation vs Burial

  • Casket Quality

  • Burial Vault

  • Other Merchandise

  • National or International Mortuary Shipping

  • International Remains Shipping can cost more than $10,000

  • That is why pre-planning is so important.

  • Learn how to make it easy in the steps below…

With Pamana Funeral Expense Benefits

Everyone Qualifies

Funeral Expense Benefit Plans are available from birth all the way up to age 85.

No Medical Exam Required

Because we are NOT insurance, we will not ask you any health or medically-related questions or physical tests. The only information required in determining your quote for your desired plan will be your age and gender.

2-Yr Qualifying Period

During the first 2 years of the benefit issue date, the participant will not be covered. If the participant passes away during the qualifying period only 50% of contributions paid will be refunded. We cannot deny any claim for death occurring more than two (2) years after the date of issue of this benefit during the lifetime of the covered participant unless contributions were not paid or death occurs due to illegal or terrorist activities.


We pay your chosen funeral home, cemetery or mortuary shipping company directly. If any left-over funds remain from the full face value of your benefit coverage, we will direct those funds to the participant’s legal and/or probate fees, unpaid medical expenses and/or outstanding debts, as you direct us.

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